photodune-1792859-beautiful-healthy-woman-touching-her-skin-middle-aged-xsIf you have a suspicion that Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the country, you’d be right – millions of people get Botox every year, with the number only steadily rising.  Surprisingly, the Botox boom isn’t just limited to older people with wrinkles and fine lines; many women and men in their 20s are getting Botox as part of a preventative anti-aging regimen.

While there’s compelling evidence to support that starting an early regimen of Botox can help stave off wrinkles a little while longer, it does bring up an interesting question:

How young is too young to get Botox?

It’s Not Always About Age

 First, the short answer: Since the safety & effectiveness in patients younger than 18 is not established, we would not treat a patient who is younger than 18.

Other than that, there’s no particular age when you’re too young to get Botox.  Instead of using age as a gauge for your Botox candidacy, you should instead take a cue from any lines or wrinkles that might already be forming on your face.

Botox is commonly used to treat static lines, which are the lines and wrinkles that form as a result of repeated and dynamic facial expressions (such as crow’s feet, laugh lines, forehead frown lines, etc.).  While skin creams can help keep your skin moisturized, they can’t exactly stop the formation of these deep wrinkles.

That’s precisely where Botox comes in.  Injections of Botox can help inhibit the formation of these wrinkles, especially around the eyes and along the forehead.   Younger clients who are looking to prevent wrinkles typically need less Botox than older clients.

Botox Injections at Accent Plastic Surgery

If you’re looking to undergo Botox treatments as a preventative measure against the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, it’s important to work with an experienced professional.  Since you will need less Botox, a Plastic Surgeon uses a conservative touch and artistic eye that ensures you prevent wrinkles without developing a “frozen” look.

If that is exactly what you are looking for, then it is time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Craig at Accent Plastic Surgery in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Call (662) 377 – 6290 for more information.