With the arrival of summer comes opportunities to wear lighter apparel and show off the results of diet and exercise completed in the winter months.

However, some people may find that their bodies do not respond as expected to healthy living, even with proper diet and exercise. Some bodies are genetically predisposed to storing fat, making it more difficult to lose weight around the stomach, thighs, and arms. Those who struggle with stubborn fat may wonder if there are non-invasive body contouring solutions that can help.

At Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Tupelo, MS, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Craig is proud to offer two different body contouring treatments for patients within 30 pounds of their ideal weight: CoolSculpting and Contoura. Both FDA-cleared procedures damage fat cells that won’t respond to diet and exercise. These technologies make it possible to reduce body fat without resorting to invasive surgery.

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While the two procedures perform similar procedures, they have specific differences.

  • CoolSculpting: This procedure uses freezing energy to penetrate the dermis and target the fat cells clustered underneath the skin. After just a single treatment, the freezing energy damages the fat cells, causing them to shrink in size. Over time, the body’s metabolic processes remove the damaged fat cells, resulting in up to a 24% reduction in body fat within the treatment area.
  • Contoura: Contoura reduces fat in a means opposite of CoolSculpting; rather than using freezing energy, this technology uses heat energy from radiofrequency to melt away fat cells. As an added benefit, Contoura’s heat energy causes a skin-tightening effect, which can smooth and tone skin while minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

Each body contouring procedure is quick, though total time depends on the areas you are treating. The number of procedures needed will largely depend on the treatment area and desired results.

Want to learn more about CoolSculpting and Contoura for body contouring? Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Craig at Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Tupelo, MS today. (662) 377-6290.