CoolSculpting® is the world’s leading non-invasive fat reduction procedure to date. The fat-freezing treatment allows patients to contour their ideal figure without the need for unwanted side effects, pain, or downtime. CoolSculpting® uses an advanced form of cryolipolysis technology to target hard-to-treat fat cells that are otherwise resistant to diet and exercise.

Results from CoolSculpting® are gradual and progressive. With each treatment session, you’ll start to see initial results within 2-weeks. An optimal outcome from CoolSculpting® sessions can be seen in about 2-3 months as damaged fat cells are naturally flushed from the body.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

Most patients achieve a slimmer figure after just one session. Each treatment will produce a more contoured figure. The number of treatments you’ll need is dependent upon the area being treated and the severity of your condition. Patients with minor concerns may new fewer sessions that those who are further from their ideal weight.

The majority of men and women need a series of 2-6 CoolSculpting® treatments to reach their ultimate goals. Treatments are spaced anywhere from 4-6 weeks apart allowing your body to fully metabolize dead fat cells. CoolSculpting® is done as needed until you get the results you want.

Keeping Your Contoured Figure

CoolSculpting® is a fat reduction procedure that removes fat cells from the body. Once existing cells are gone, they’re gone for good. Although damaged cells are unable to return, CoolSculpting® cannot prevent future fat from forming. You can prolong the outcome of your treatments by maintaining healthy lifestyle choices.

The good news is, CoolSculpting® treatments can safely and effectively be done as needed to remove isolated pockets of fat. Furthermore, if fluctuations in weight do occur after CoolSculpting®, fat is typically more evenly dispersed.

Is CoolSculpting® Right for You?

The ideal candidate for CoolSculpting® is someone who is within 30-pounds of his or her desired figure. Patients should be in good general health and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for them. Dr. Craig is a board-certified plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist. He will be able to customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs at the time of your in-person consult. Dr. Craig will give you an idea of how many session you’ll need to meet your short and long-term goals.

Take the Next Step

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