Planning financially for an elective procedure can be a little overwhelming. Everyone’s different, and so are their concerns and treatments. If you’re considering CoolSculpting® as a solution for those areas of fat that just won’t go away, don’t worry. With a little more information, you can get a better idea of what your bill will look like.

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Things to Consider

As mentioned above, every procedure is different. While the best way to get a precise estimate is through an in-office consultation, this article can still help you by letting you know what we’re looking for when you get your estimate. When determining your final cost, we keep a few key factors in mind. Before providing you with an upfront cost estimate, we’ll examine your unique case including how we can best address your individual concerns.

What Areas of the Body Are Being Treated? 

CoolSculpting® can be used on many different areas of the body. Areas of concern can range from large to small. This means that treatment costs vary depending on the size of the areas and intensity of the procedure. For instance, an arm treatment will probably cost less than a treatment on the thighs. Your specialist will be able to give you an idea of how long the procedure will take and how big of an area needs to be treated.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Sometimes you may need a few CoolSculpting® treatment sessions to take care of more stubborn areas. If you need a few treatments, your bill may be higher than just one treatment. While we can do a few different areas of concern with one in-office visit, reducing a larger amount of fat cells may take a couple of treatments. To see if you may need more than one treatment to achieve the results you want, ask your specialist during your screening.

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How Will Your Body Respond?

Another question we ask ourselves is how your body may respond to treatment. CoolSculpting® is non-surgical and far less invasive than many alternatives, but there can still be some after-effects that quickly subside. Depending on how you respond to CoolSculpting® and the time needed to achieve target results, follow-up appointments may be recommended. Check with your specialist to see if you may require one.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Unlike traditional weight loss methods that simply shrink fat cells, CoolSculpting® works to remove unwanted fat for good. Results from CoolSculpting® are long-lasting, but the remaining fat cells may begin to expand if you opt for no diet or exercise. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.), your results can last for years. This is the least expensive way to maintain the results you’ve achieved through CoolSculpting®.

My experience with Dr Mark Craig was amazing. He is extremely professional, while also informative and his caring mannerisms take him over the top as a Heath care provider. I have had several procedures within his practice including Breast Augmentation, Cool Sculpting, as well as Botox injections. At each and every visit, he and his staff helped to make each experience very rewarding and well worth the time and resources they cost.

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*Individual results may vary.