Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among women worldwide, and deciding that you’re ready for breast enhancement is just the first step in the pre-planning stages. Aside from choosing your implant size and style, you’ll also need to determine what incision type is best as well as the ideal placement for natural-looking results.

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Above or Below: Which is Best?

Dr. Mark Craig is a board-certified surgeon who routinely performs both over-the-muscle and under-the-muscle breast augmentation procedures. While one woman may be better suited for submuscular placement, another might benefit more from an above the muscle procedure. He works with each woman individually to ensure an optimal outcome for her specific goals.

In the hands of a professional, both procedures have a high success rate with minimal pain, side effects, and downtime. Dr. Craig will speak with you in-depth about the pros and cons of each at the time of your initial consultation. Today, we’ll take a closer look at both options to help you jump start the decision-making process.

Above the Muscle Augmentation

Placing the implant over the muscle is ideal for women who already have substantial breast tissue. If you’re looking to go up a few sizes and would prefer limited breast movement during physical activities, placement above the muscle may be the way to go. Thanks to the latest advancements in silicone implants, this option produces natural-looking results that were previously unattainable with above-muscle placement.

Pro: Above the muscle breast augmentations are slightly less invasive, minimizing post-procedural bleeding, discomfort, and inflammation.

Con: Results can sometimes be more artificial looking. Opting for over the muscle augmentation can increase the rate of capsular contracture for some women.

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Below the Muscle Augmentations

The majority of women choose submuscular placement for their breast augmentation. While the procedure is slightly more invasive, this option allows for results that have a more natural look and feel. Women with tighter skin and naturally small breasts will benefit best from below the muscle placement.

Saline implants are almost always placed under the muscle. Doing this prolongs the shelf life of your implant and prevents ‘rippling’ down the line.

Pro: Mammograms can be slightly more accurate with submuscular placement. The risk for capsular contracture is also minimized with this option.

Con: Your procedure may involve a longer recovery than above the muscle placement. You’ll see more physical movement with implants that are placed below the muscle.

What’s Right for Me?

The best way to determine what type of placement will suit you is through an in-person consultation with Dr. Mark Craig. There are a number of factors that go into the decision-making process including the size and type of your implant as well as your body type and skin quality. After a careful assessment, Dr. Craig will customize a treatment plan that will safely and effectively give you the results you want.

Dr. Craig is a board certified plastic surgeon which is very important to me. It gave me comfort knowing that he is an experienced surgeon. Dr. Craig is very professional and has a confident and caring bed side manner. He listened attentively to my concerns and what I wanted in my breast augmentation. He is a gifted surgeon and runs a meticulous practice. His office staff are kind and informative. I have been to Dr. Craig many times for other procedures and highly recommend him.

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*Individual results may vary.