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Laser Hair Removal

Want the kind of silky smooth skin that will have you ready for summer fun?  Candela GentleLase PRO represents the gold standard for laser hair removal, as it’s fast, effective, and painless to use. Dr. Craig is also pleased to offer Candela GentleYAG PRO for clients with darker skin tones.  Both technologies are excellent choices for clients who are ready to say goodbye to their razors – and hello to soft, smooth, hair-free skin!

The technology

laser hair removal

Dr. Craig uses Syneron Candela GentleLase PRO laser hair removal for clients with medium to light skin tones.  The GentleLase PRO uses a handpiece to deliver laser light energy to the unwanted hair follicles.  After a few passes, the heat energy destroys the hair follicles, causing them to fall out over time.  With repeated treatments, hair follicles take longer to grow back, resulting in longer time periods between shaves.

For clients with darker skin tones, Dr. Craig uses the Candela GentleYAG PRO to target hair follicles.  GentleYAG is one of the few lasers that can accurately target darker hair follicles without damaging surrounding skin, which may be close in color to the hair follicle shade. Like with the GentleLase PRO, GentleYAG destroys the hair follicles via heat energy, causing it to fall out.  Eventually hair follicle growth is slowed to the point where clients can enjoy several weeks between shaves.

Both laser hair removal technologies take between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the treatment area.  Both technologies use a cooling device to help manage any discomfort associated with laser hair removal.  Most patients will need 4-6 treatments to see ideal results.

The recovery

Patients will need to wear sunscreen immediately after treatment and avoid the sun whenever possible.  Some patients will experience redness and swelling after a laser hair removal session.  These side effects disappear within the first week after treatment.

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