Patient Reviews

“Around the time I turned 40, after having a hysterectomy, my body went through a lot of hormonal changes and I gained a considerable amount of weight in my midsection. After I was able to get my hormones regulated and working out regularly to get the weight off, I was left with a lot of loose skin on my stomach. It was driving me crazy because I’m very active working out doing boot camps and teaching spin classes at Pedal Life. I was so unhappy and uncomfortable in my own skin. I called Dr. Craig’s office and made my decision to have a tummy tuck on November 5, 2018. This was the best decision ever! I am so happy with my results! After only 4 weeks, I was able to start back exercising. I love being strong, healthy, and finally being comfortable with my body! I have always told myself that if I believe I can do something then I can do it. Thank you so much Dr. Craig for helping me be happy and comfortable with my body. You did an amazing job, and I beyond happ y with the results!”

– Patient T.B.

“Dr. Craig has performed surgery on me several times. He is the best doctor and the best surgeon. I have complete trust in him. His office staff are not only the most profesisonal, but also the kindest.”*
– Patient A.N.

“Dr. Craig is amazing. He is very skilled and gifted as a surgeon. His staff are caring and great to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Craig and his staff!”*
– Patient I.G.

“Dr. Craig is a skillful surgeon who is dedicated to the wellbeing of his patients. His professionalism and respect for his patients is conveyed through this positive attitude and sense of humor.”*
– Patient J.M.

“My cosmetic concerns were addressed with all appropriate resources, and the outcome was more remarkable than I ever expected. Just as important to me as the surgery was Dr. Craig’s reassurance and kindness. Acts of kindness are not forgotten. This is what Dr. Craig and his staff display.”*
– Patient J.S.

“I have been coming to see Dr. Craig for the past ten years. He is very personable. He takes the time to answer my questions and explain even the most complicated procedures in language I can understand.”*
– Patient K.B.

“I have been trusting my face to Dr. Mark Craig for almost ten years. He and his staff have always made me feel completely comfortable. Dr. Craig takes the time to help you determine your own personal needs. I recommend Dr. Mark Craig and his warm and friendly associates.”*
– Patient M.E.

“Dr. Craig put me at ease, and provided his expert opinion in a very positive, professional manner. During my recovery I was given cell phone numbers, but I didn’t need to use them. Someone called at least once a day to check on my progress. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Accent.”*
– Patient S.A.

“I have been a patient for over a decade. Over the years my experience has been both completely professional and 100% satisfying. Accent strives to go above and beyond to make sure you have the greatest care possible.”*
– Patient V.W.

“Dr. Craig and his staff are wonderful! I have had several treatments and procedures, and I am pleased with all. Dr. Craig and his staff recommend what is best for you individually to accomodate your needs.”*
– Patient S.H.

*Individual Results May Vary*