Do you feel self-conscious about the size or shape of your breasts?

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your favorite tops and dresses? If that’s the case, you may be a good candidate for breast augmentation at Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

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*Individual Results May Vary*

How Does Breast Augmentation Work?

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Mark Craig works with each woman individually to ensure she gets results that she finds aesthetically-pleasing. Whether you’re bothered by the size or shape of the breasts you were naturally given, or unhappy with your post-pregnancy figure, Dr. Craig can help.

Breast enhancement takes a good deal of consideration and planning over the course of a few in-person visits with Dr. Craig. During your initial planning process, you’ll discuss implant type, preferred size, incision type, and potential combination procedures (i.e., breast lift for added enhancement).

Both silicone and saline implants are available in our practice. Both have advantages, but for patients 22 years of age and older, silicone is often the preferred implant.

Dr. Craig can help determine what the ideal size and type of implant are for your individual frame and body mass. However, ultimately the decision is up to you. Dr. Craig is committed to providing personalized, patient-centric care in a warm, welcoming environment.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation might be right for you if you’re self-conscious about the size or appearance of your breasts. The ideal candidate for the procedure should be 18+ (because the breasts can continue to form into the early 20s). Patients should be in otherwise good health and preferably non-smokers.

Breast enhancement surgery is designed to improve your self-image and should never be done to please someone else. Women who have realistic expectations about the procedure often have the best outcome.

Breast Augmentation Tupelo, MS
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*Individual Results May Vary*

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that’s done under general anesthesia to help keep the patient comfortable. During the surgery, incisions will be made underneath the breast curve, and/or around the nipple. The implant is placed within the breast either above or below the muscle. If you’ve chosen saline breast implants, the next step is to fill them to desired fullness.

At the end of the procedure, Dr. Craig works to meticulously close the incision with a specialized technique that will minimize side effects, scarring, and downtime. The entire procedure can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of your surgery.

“My experience with Dr. Craig was wonderful; the entire process from the moment I arrived in his office was comforting and exciting! The entire family at Accent is kind and sweet. There is absolutely nothing more that they could have done to have made my experience better. Pure perfection! The surgery center was even staffed with considerate and competent nurses. My new look is so amazing and I’m more than happy with my results. Again, pure perfection, I’m even happier than I thought I would be.”*

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*Individual Results May Vary*

What Results Will I See?*

Initial results can be seen immediately. However, final results can take up to 6-months as post-surgical swelling subsides and your breasts ‘settle’. Women can enjoy long-lasting results from their breast enhancement surgery.

Is There Any Downtime?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and thus requires a decent amount of time for recovery. Although you’ll be able to go home the same day, you’ll need at least several days for rest and relaxation. Initial swelling and discomfort can easily be managed with prescription pain medication during this time. Many women choose to get back to non-strenuous activities including work in about 5-10 days.

It’s important not to push yourself too hard, too soon. Otherwise, you may prolong the healing process and potentially stretch or darken scars. Heavy lifting and more strenuous activities such as vigorous exercise should be avoided for several weeks. Dr. Craig will tailor a post-surgery recovery plan based on your individual circumstances.

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*Individual Results May Vary*