We are excited at Accent Plastic Surgery to focus on Volbella this month.  It is one of my favorite new fillers, and our patients love it.

Let’s start with a little science. Juvederm Volbella is the first FDA approved filler to provide correction of lip wrinkles and provide lip enhancements that last up to a year. It is made from Hyaluronic acid (HA), so it is a product you can trust. We have used Hyaluronic acid since I did the early clinical trials with Juvederm.

What I really love is that with its lower concentration of HA, it allows better correction of difficult-to-treat fine lines and is a softer product for lip enhancement. This should minimize that “lumpy” feeling.

Studies have shown that a very high percentage of people achieved their lip appearance goals with Volbella. That is very reassuring since the goal of everyone, especially our team at Accent Plastic Surgery, is to deliver your desired results.

With our extensive use of this product, we have seen many things that we are happy about:

  1. Overall, patients are very happy with the product
  2. I can inject more superficially to fill finer lines without created a Tyndall effect (blue shadow)
  3. Volbella contains lidocaine to help with discomfort. We also use a smaller needle which helps
  4. No complaints of lumpy lips
  5. Lower price point
  6. Less swelling.

Again, we are very excited to focus on this product during the month of February.  We have a giveaway on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a special that we would love for you to take advantage of—after all, it IS Valentine’s.  Be sure to look for our new “Knowledge at Noon” videos.

Volbella is a great product, and we would love to show you how it can work for you. Remember at Accent Plastic Surgery the Accent is always on you. (U’)