Can Liposuction Be Combined with a Tummy Tuck?

Are you trying to get rid of loose, sagging skin following a significant weight loss or pregnancy? Do you want to reduce large areas of fat or small pockets of trouble in your abdominal area? Would you like a more sculpted abdomen in a single treatment? If so, you may be a good candidate for a combination procedure at Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.  Liposuction and tummy tuck often appeal to people with similar cosmetic goals. Although sometimes referred to interchangeably, liposuction and a tummy tuck are definitely not [...]

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Liposuction Procedures Increase 5% in 2014

What makes this such a popular procedure? In 2014 liposuction was the #3 cosmetic procedure in the United States according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. That is a 5% increase from 2013. With Americans becoming a healthier more informed society, liposuction can be the solution for many people with areas of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise. Making it even more attractive is the fact that it is an outpatient surgery with patients returning home the same afternoon. Areas recommended for liposuction are abdominal area, [...]

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I Had Post-Bariatric Surgery – Now What?

Undergoing bariatric surgery – a type of surgery that’s designed to help obese patients lose weight – can be a major undertaking.  People who are extremely obese can undergo gastric bypass surgery, which restricts the size of the stomach.  The smaller stomach makes it difficult for someone to overeat, thus helping the person lose weight. Even after losing weight, however, many patients may still feel unhappy or uncomfortable with their appearance.  After losing a significant amount of weight, many patients are left with excessive sagging skin, which may make them [...]

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Discover Liposuction On an Outpatient Basis

When you think of liposuction, are you concerned you will endure a long recovery period? Liposuction at Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery At Accent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Tupelo, MS (North Mississippi), board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Craig preforms liposuction as an outpatient surgery. That means patients can contour their trouble spots, all without being admitted to a hospital or spending a significant number of weeks in recovery. Dr. Craig uses a tumescent fluid, which contains lidocaine and epinephrine to help with bruising and pain control. Patients can expect [...]

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Should You Choose Liposuction or Non-Surgical Lipo?

Spring is officially here – and that means the warmer weather of the summer season is just around the corner.  But if your body isn’t ready for shorts and tank tops – and instead wants to continue being in sweaters and overcoats – it might be time to consider a little help. Traditionally, liposuction has been the go-to choice for patients who need help contouring their bodies and removing excess fat from trouble spots like the stomach, hips, waist, arms, buttocks, and thighs.  While liposuction can be extremely effective, it [...]

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