Volbella for Lips

We are excited at Accent Plastic Surgery to focus on Volbella this month.  It is one of my favorite new fillers, and our patients love it. Let’s start with a little science. Juvederm Volbella is the first FDA approved filler to provide correction of lip wrinkles and provide lip enhancements that last up to a … Read More Volbella for Lips

Have you lost your cheeks?

Wondering which filler is right to unlock your inner youth? Juvederm Voluma. Why Voluma? While Accent Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery offers a wide range of fillers and anti-aging injections – including Botox and Juvederm. “Voluma has quickly become my favorite filler,” he says.  “It’s so powerful with facial rejuvenation, as it restores mid-face volume and the … Read More Have you lost your cheeks?

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